Hello everyone, my name is Tamentha Gaffney but most people know me as Tammy. I am a Christian, a wife of twenty-two wonderful years, a blessed mother of four, Registered Nurse for eighteen years, Motivational Speaker, Ministry Leader, teacher of forgiveness for over fifteen years, and have been an Evangelist sharing the gospel since age nine. My husband is a minister and we attend New Community Bible Fellowship Church. We have had the privilege of having Senior Pastor Kevin James as our shepherd and to be under his leadership since 2003. -And now I am a proud author. It has taken me twenty years to write this book because my story first had to be lived. I had to eat this and learn from my experiences before I could write about it.

So who am I really? A person who was loved by God but when pain entered my life I got lost and separated from his love. That’s too cute, when I experienced pain, I cursed God. I dethroned Him. I couldn’t trust Him with my heart. I made many mistakes. Pain deceived me into questioning God’s love and for three years I turned my back on Him, until I couldn’t take the darkness anymore.  In my brokenness, I discovered that forgiveness didn’t begin with me getting over being mad with the people who had hurt me. It began when I surrendered my heart to God, trusted and allowed Him to be God. 

It took twenty years for me to write this book.  It is a culmination of my own pain, questions and anger with how a loving God allowed it, getting stuck in the past, making bad choices, finding the meaning of real love, reconciling with God, choosing to forgive, forgiving myself and the people who hurt me, studying the word of God and sharing the ministry of forgiveness with others. What’s different about my book? I will show you how to forgive, yourself, God and the people who hurt you instead of just telling you to do it. It’s all in the journey. You will learn to turn the pages in your life in your own book.

We all have a story. Pain is inevitable.  This is why I have written this book, and have a passion to walk people through forgiveness. Too often hurting people are told to just forgive. They are told move on and let God. But not many have been willing to be transparent and be vulnerable to show what that really looks like. People are hurting and we notice only when they’re angry. We don’t ask about their pain or try to get at the root of what has their heart bound? We just tell them to forgive, but forgive what exactly? We never let them talk about the pain.

It is my purpose to show you how to get free from your past. How to get unstuck? How to dethrone your pain and see God again despite His not answering your prayers the way you wanted him. I want to show you how to confess your pain and anger before God. Show you how to forgive people who have hurt you. Explain why you can’t forgive what you don’t confess and can’t be free from unconfessed pain. It’s time to stop ignoring, denying, and belittling your pain. Pain has a voice and you have to know how to confront it to move on. Come and take this journey. It will show you how to take your own journey and finally put your past behind you through forgiveness. 

  We have been taught to wear masks, don’t talk about your pain, and pretend like everything is alright. People are hurting and crying inside and their hearts are becoming angrier, bitter, questioning God’s love, causing some to leave their faith. Tammy walked away, broken and lost but she found God again and wants to share the journey to the road of love, restoration, and forgiveness.